Water Procurement

Water Procurement

After the opening of the English water market in April 2017, all non-household business sites can choose their Water Retailer.

Tendering water contracts is similar to gas and electricity, but differs in that the Wholesale prices only increase once per annum, during April.

With our close relationship with water retailers, and expert knowledge on water tariffs and management solutions we can tender your portfolio and advise you which retailer is the best for you. Initially, the decision about which water retailer to choose may be influenced more by customer service satisfaction rather than cost.

Key Benefits

No technical knowledge needed, we will analyse the tariff components for you!

With access to the entire portfolio of English Retailers, we have strong relationships and will negotiate competitive offers for you.

Ensure that your contracts do not expire and you do not get rolled over onto deemed rates.

Combine with our Water Management service to reduce tariff components and improve efficiency!

What We Do

  1. Utility Bill collection and validation
  2. Tender creation and submission
  3. Analysis of supplier prices
  4. Benchmarking of usage and advice
  5. Tender reporting
  6. Contract execution
  7. Retailer change management
  8. Bill Validation
  9. Query Resolution
  10. Competitive service fees

Water Competition FAQs

What is Water Competition?

What is Water Competition?

In 2017, the non-household water market in England was de-regulated from 1st April. This means that any business water customer is now able to switch Water Retailer. The market has been divided into Wholesalers and Retailers.

What will happen if I don't switch Retailer?

You will be kept on the Retailer of the Wholesaler for your sites geographical location on deemed rates.

How long does the Switching Process take?

This varies from Retailer to Retailer, but an average switching process takes 28 days.