Water Management

Water Management

ECM has a leading range of Water Management & Leak Detection Services which help businesses to monitor water usage levels on their sites and identify potential savings on their water bills.

Our range of services are constantly evolving, and due to significant investment in new technology and equipment we are market leaders in commercial water management services.

We help our clients to improve water efficiency on their estate, reduce expenditure and avoid any unexpectedly large bills caused by water leaks or higher than expected consumption.

Key Benefits


  • By knowing what is standard usage across your estate, you can be assured that you are only paying for the water you use
  • By getting a detailed understanding of all the charges that make up your bills, it is possible to analyse and claim significant rebates and long term reductions


  • By identifying unusual water usage at the earliest opportunity, ECM can take steps to identify any problems and repair leakages and cut down wastage
  • Avoid damage to property caused by unidentified water leaks and flooding


  • Benchmarking across sites to compare usage and develop reports to highlight usage patterns
  • On-site dashboards to display up to date water consumption data
  • Alarms to report on unexpected usage

What We Do

  • Data Logging and Measurement to monitor usage, and quickly identify unusual patterns of consumption
  • Alarms & Dashboards delivered via ECM Remote
  • SmartNetPlus to create smaller sub-networks on large sites
  • Leak Detection and Repair to efficiently and quickly find costly leaks and fix them
  • Network Mapping to provide an understanding of what infrastructure set-up you have on your estate
  • Pressure Management
  • Water Audits
  • PoolProPlus