SmartNetPlus is an extension to the existing ECM water data logging service that enables discreet areas of networks to be monitored to provide specific reports (area by area) to highlight usage. SmartNetPlus allows the efficient and effective collection of water consumption data to input into the ECM water management software for analysis.

The consumption data can be used to create management reports that provide you with a detailed view of each area of your estate, and the water consumption patterns over any chosen timescales and across different sites and buildings.

As well has highlighting water leaks as they occur, this also gives the information required to proactively implement activity to reduce consumption levels.

Key Benefits


  • SmartNetPlus helps to minimise your water costs
  • SmartNetPlus lets you know exactly what your water consumption is and how much you should be paying


  • SmartNetPlus breaks your water network down into smaller areas, so in the event of a water leak it will be possible to pinpoint exactly where on your estate it has happened – reducing the time, and cost, of locating and repairing it
  • SmartNetPlus lets you know, via online alarms and dashboards, when water consumption increases above benchmark levels – highlighting water leaks as they occur
  • Benchmarking of water consumption across sites and specific areas of your estate allows quick identification of unusual water usage patterns

Customer Service

  • By identifying unusual water usage at the earliest opportunity ECM can take steps to fix any problems and stop massive water bills building up
  • Practical hands-on support delivered by ECM through our other water management services, including leak detection & repair

SmartNetPlus provides the information to help you manage your water costs. It simply tells you by area when and what water was used, and is a must for large water networks!