PoolProPlus is a unique swimming pool hall energy management solution, delivering cost savings and environmental improvements within the swimming pool hall.

Swimming pool halls are more energy intensive than almost any other type of building, therefore they require a specific way of monitoring and measuring performance to ensure customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.

PoolProPlus provides insight into pool hall environmental conditions and utility costs, gives detailed management reporting and delivers alarms on key performance indicators within the swimming pool hall.

PoolProPlus ensures the maintenance of good environmental conditions for staff and customers, and safeguards against potentially damaging effects on pool hall building structures caused by corrosion.

PoolProPlus is an ideal solution for ESOS qualifying businesses.

Key Benefits


  • Ensure accurate water & energy costs
  • Identify areas of inefficiency and wastage and take steps to reduce costs


  • Quickly identify water leaks
  • Guard against the risk of damage to the building fabric


  • Achieve sustainability targets
  • Demonstrate good environmental performance to stakeholders

Customer Service

  • Maintain consistent environment in swimming pool hall, ensuring comfort and safety for customers and employees


  • Access to reporting software to view usage and performance reports
  • Weekly Pool Hall Performance reporting
  • Automatic alarms and alerts to quickly bring attention to potential problems
  • Cost and performance reports available at a site and group level for benchmarking purposes
  • Branded onsite screens and dashboards displaying pool hall conditions  to customers and staff
  • Use of degree day data  to allow for sensible comparisons and benchmarking across sites in different parts of the country that experience different weather conditions
  • PoolProPlus is underpinned by expert water & energy management consultancy from ECM