Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

ECM is an expert at ensuring effective Energy Procurement to meet your needs, at the right time.

Energy prices paid by consumers in the UK are based on a wide range of competing factors that together form the global wholesale energy market. Currently, the wholesale price of energy is driven by volatility in major oil and gas producing countries, such as the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In addition, each energy supplier has a number of different charges and fees that they add to their bills.

Ultimately, the decision about which energy supplier to  choose and when to sign the contract is a difficult and complex choice. At ECM we have to resources and knowledge necessary to monitor the markets and provide truly independent advice to our clients.

The cost of energy is constantly changing, for an updated overview of the current situation of the energy market please contact one of our Account Managers on 01772 682323.

Key Benefits

No hassle or technical knowledge needed. We will take care of every step of the process!

Access to entire energy supply market and ECM’s knowledge. We have strong relationships with all major energy suppliers, and will use our knowledge of the industry to negotiate competitive deals for you.

Ensure that your contracts do not expire and you do not get rolled over onto default contracts.

Gain access to ECMRemote Level 1 – our online energy management dashboard!

What We Do

  1. Utility Bill and HH Data collection/validation
  2. Tender creation/tender submission
  3. Analysis of supplier prices
  4. Market analysis/benchmarking and advice
  5. Tender reporting
  6. Supply Contract Execution
  7. Supplier change Management
  8. Bill Validation
  9. Query Resolution
  10. Competitive service fees