Energy Management

Energy Management

With the high price of energy it is more important than ever to find ways of improving efficiency and saving money. The trend for the wholesale price of energy recently has been upwards, and is likely to continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

As commodity costs continue to rise, the continued good management of energy usage becomes increasingly important.  However, cost is not the only factor to consider.

Environmental considerations are important for businesses of any size, both from a sustainability and reputational perspective.  Ensuring customer satisfaction through the maintenance of a consistent and comfortable environment is also a key issue to consider.

We get inside the envelope of energy usage to identify consumption saving opportunities.

Key Benefits


  • Site Audits can help to identify the charges that make up your bills, enabling improvements in efficiency to reduce costs
  • Analysis of  HH or AMR data ensures you are only paying for what has been used

Remote Monitoring

  • ECMRemote dashboards to analyse and alarm unexpected usage
  • Benchmarking across sites to compare usage and develop reports to highlight usage patterns


  • We can help to implement saving opportunities found through compliance surveys 
  • Surveys and Reports for ESOS, CCL and CRC

What We Do

  • Site Audits to identify savings opportunities
  • Analysis of consumption data
  • Alarms & Reporting – to highlight unusual events and avoid unexpected charges
  • Compliance and reporting in relation to regulatory schemes e.g. CRC, CCL and ESOS
  • Bill Management to ensure that you are paying the right amounts
  • Building Energy Management Systems
  • Lighting Design & Control
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Compressed Air 
  • Half Hourly (HH) and Non-Half Hourly (NHH) Smart Metering