ECMRemote ®


ECMRemote is our web-based water & energy monitoring and management solution, which provides online access to your utility consumption data, and delivers email alarms when usage exceeds the usual levels – quickly highlighting costly issues such as water leaks.

ECMRemote provides the data at your fingertips, and gives you all the tools you need to keep on top of multi-utility usage, expenditure and budgets across all your sites and buildings, and identify any areas of wastage and inefficiency.

The tools within ECMRemote allow reports to be produced at Site, Cost Centre and Group level, send alarms against exceptions and provide dashboards for staff awareness etc. ECMRemote also provides the capacity to drill down into the data to identify costs savings and from develop and implement energy saving projects.

Online Dashboards display the data in easy to understand graphs and charts, and can be used to do site-by-site comparisons and benchmarking. All charts and reports are customisable so you can see exactly the data you need.

Email Alerts are delivered every time water & energy consumption exceeds preset levels, meaning that you will know when you have a water leak, for example, or when the lights are left on overnight in a building.

The reports and graphs within the ECMRemote Dashboards are fully customisable to be able to display exactly the data that is required.
On-site displays are a great way of demonstrating to staff and customers the measures that you are taking to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

Key Benefits

  • Identify high energy usage areas and waste from building systems and plant
  • Active targeting to reduce consumption
  • Central management of all buildings and sites
  • Benchmark performance to enable site by site comparison
  • Improve staff awareness
  • Improve onsite user behaviour to improve energy efficiency
  • Support energy initiatives and carbon management plans

There are 3 levels of dashboards available on ECMRemote, please see below for a quick summary and let us know which one you want!

Level 1

Level 1 provides you with analysis of invoice data from your suppliers.

Level 2

Level 2 provides you with electricity Day+1 data, plus invoice data on other utilities.

Level 3

Level 3 is our ECMR dashboard to provide you with data from submeters.