Bill Management

Bill Management

Businesses are being overcharged because they are unaware of what their bills should be. ECM delivers Water & Energy cost savings through effective Bill Management.

Managing utility bills be very costly and time consuming for businesses, especially when there are multiple sites and different utility suppliers involved. ECM delivers a range of services that will help you to understand what you should be paying for, ensure that you are on the correct tariffs and most importantly validate your water & energy bills to make sure they are correct.

We will ensure that you only pay what you should be paying for.

Key Benefits of Using ECM’s Bill Management Service

Only pay for the water & energy that you are actually using.

Guarantee that all bills are correct, to help with budgeting & forecasts.

Don’t overpay for services that you don’t need.

No risk.  We recover all our fees from your suppliers.

What We Do

  1. Contract Audit: We check that all water & energy contracts and tariffs are correct and suitable for your needs, and recover any historic refunds that may be due. It is easy to assume that any new contracts that you enter into with utility suppliers will be correct, but there are a wide range of different charges built into supply contracts that you might not need to pay. Our team of experts reviews all the documentation on your behalf and ensures that you will only pay what you need to.
  2. Bill Validation: We check that all the water & energy bills are in line with your agreed contractual terms and your actual consumption to ensure that you only pay for what you have used. For customers with multiple sites across the country and different suppliers for each utility at each site, they may be receiving hundreds of utility bills each month – which soon becomes an onerous task to check that each and every one is correct. We can also consolidate all the relevant information into ‘group reports’ for each utility as required.
  3. Site Survey: Each of your sites will have its own different utility service arrangements that may not be apparent from the desktop audit of bills and contracts. In these cases it can be valuable to conduct a site survey to link the anticipated costs to the physical aspects of the site.
  4. Portfolio Management: We will maintain site asset registers and complete any change of tenancies that your portfolio requires.