Markets We Serve

No matter how big, small, or what you create, we know that each type of business faces it’s own unique challenges for water and energy management and control. That’s why at ECM we have developed our own unique systems that can easily be tailored to your business needs.

We have wide experience of serving a variety of business types, from large industrial units, to small retail outlets, and everything in between. Energy is a high cost factor to every type of business and becoming more efficient in the use will not only reduce overhead costs, but it can also improve the reputation of your business.

Please see below for some more information on how we can help you if you are in a key market type. Otherwise, or for more information, please contact the ECM office on 01772 682 323 or

Key Markets

Leisure and Caravan Parks

We have helped a large number of leisure and caravan parks of all sizes to cut their water and energy costs. We are also an associate member of the BH&HPA.

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Swimming Pools

Swimming pool halls are one of the most water and energy intensive environments, and as such need to have bespoke solutions to manage consumption and cost.

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Industry and Manufacturing

Industrial buildings, including factories and warehouses, consume large amounts of water and energy and have legal responsibilities to ensure sustainable performance.

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Many retail outlets are small in size, but often have uncontrolled energy usage in their lighting, heating and air conditioning. We can help to control these costs.

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Schools have a large challenge ensuring efficient energy and water consumption, but the benefits are no only cost effective but can also help with the pupil’s well-being.

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