The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has announced that Castle Water has an “unacceptable level of complaints from its customers”. Complaints for Castle Water were more than double the industry average and accounted for approximately 44% of the complaints the watchdog received about retailers between September 17 to February 18

Sir Tony Redmond, CC Water’s London and South East chair, said: “Many of the businesses that have contacted us have been angry and frustrated at Castle Water’s handling of their accounts and complaints. We’ve made very clear to the company it needs to do better and we will continue to shine a light on its performance and any other retailers where we have serious concerns.”

Castle Water has experienced the greatest losses so far out of all the retailers in the market, as of the 1st March they had lost over 31,000 SPIDs.

Using an Average Daily Consumption (ADC) to estimate annual usage, Castle Water have frustrated many clients who want to be billed for water they are actually using. If you have been put with Castle Water as your deemed retailer there is always the opportunity to undertake water procurement where you can negotiate a new contract with your chosen Retailer, and in some cases guarantee to be billed to accurate monthly readings.


Information for this article was taken from The Water Report: