Meet The ECM Team

Meet the ECM Team

The success of ECM, and the quality of water and energy management services that we deliver, is built upon the strength and experience of our team.  Together we have over 100 years experience in delivering water & energy management solutions to businesses in many different sectors across the UK.


Steve Casson

Managing Director

Steve is the Managing Director of the company having founded ECM in 1997.  Steve’s role covers a wide range of aspects in delivering projects for customers, ensuring that service delivery is meeting our customers needs, generally trying to “make things happen” and juggling the opportunities and challenges that come up every single day.


Nick Smith

General Manager

Nick joined ECM in January 2015, bringing over 30 years industry experience.  Nicks role covers the day to day management of all back-office functions, including staff development and client services management, as well as having specific responsibility for Energy Procurement (including development and implementation of new products and strategies) and associated services.


Jo Devine


Jo joined the ECM team in 2002. Her role at ECM covers many bases, including managing the IT systems, and leading our services to ensure our clients meet the compliance requirements of the CRC, CCL/CCA and ESOS schemes.


Dean Sanderson

Site Consultant

Dean is our lead site consultant having worked at ECM since 2011.  Dean manages the site team and his role involves working at customers’ sites identifying and repairing water leaks, installing data loggers and meters and managing the installation of solutions such as PoolProPlus.


Ryan Yates

Site Technician

Ryan has worked at ECM since 2013, and is part of the site team.  Ryan’s role as part of the site team involves attending client sites, installing water & energy monitoring equipment and generally implementing savings measures.


Bethany Howell

Associate Project Manager

Bethany joined ECM in September 2015. She previously managed all Water Management projects, and now focuses on business change projects, large projects for clients, and creating and improving processes. Bethany also develops our newsletters, maintains our website, and all of our Social Media.


Katryna Barnes

Accounts Assistant

Katryna has been working in the Energy Industry since 2013. Her primary role at ECM involves data management of client invoices, as well as liaising with suppliers to maintain up-to-date information and billing for clients.


Bryony Brogden

Accounts and Project Executive

Bryony joined ECM in July 2016. Her role includes managing all Water Management projects as well as being responsible for the daily alarm service. Bryony is also a qualified first aider.


Danielle Knight

Accounts Assistant

Danielle joined ECM in August 2016. Her primary role at ECM involves the data management of client invoices, as well as liaising with suppliers to maintain up-to-date information and billing for clients. Danielle comes from a background in customer service and also has years of accounting experience.


Bhavna Parmar

Account Manager

Bhavna joined ECM in March 2017. She has been in the Energy Consultant industry since 1986, joining as a school leaver. Bhavna has had a variety of roles within the industry including data inputting assistant, energy analyst, and now Account Manager. Her experience means that she has the ability to deal with customer and suppliers on a day to day basis and provides the best customer service to her clients.



Office Cat

Atom has been with the ECM Team for an unknown period of time. His skills include hanging out with the engineers, cleaning their stock cupboard, and scaring people.